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Dr. Hüseyin HALICI continued his primary school education, which he started in Erzurum, in Istanbul. He completed his secondary and high school education at Istanbul Haydarpaşa High School. After graduating from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronics and Communications in 1990, he completed his Master's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology in 1993.

He started his business life at Türk Telekom A.Ş. Hüseyin Halıcı, who started working at the Istanbul Side Telephone Directorate, also started his doctoral studies in the Electronics and Communications Engineering Program at Istanbul Technical University. He left Türk Telekom AŞ and, as a young entrepreneur, founded Halıcı Grup Şti with 3 partners in 1995. After completing his doctoral courses, he did his military service at Ankara Ministry of National Defense Air Vehicles Main Factory and Warehouse Command. He started his PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2004 with Prof. Dr. İnci ÇİLESİZ and Prof. Dr. He completed it under the supervision of Mustafa ELÇİOĞLU.

Having left 29 years behind, Dr. is the CEO of HALICI Group Co. Hüseyin HALICI attaches importance to non-governmental organizations as well as business life. In this context, he served as the Chairman of the Board of ENOSAD - Industrial Automation Manufacturers Association for the 6th and 7th terms since 2015, where he served as a member of the Board of Directors for the 3rd, 4th and 5th terms between 2009-2014.

With the vision of adding value to society, he founded and chairs the Society 5.0 Academy in 2021.

In addition, Hüseyin HALICI discussed the developments in the world of the digital transformation process, which covers all sectors, especially the industry, but also entrepreneurs, students and employees, in short, the whole society, as well as sector problems and solution suggestions. The program titled "Digital Transformation and Society 5.0 Conversations with Hüseyin Halıcı"; It is prepared and presented by ST Endüstri Radyo.

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